My Location


I am currently located within Azzini Hair Design

Photo credit to Fabian

Photo credit to Fabian

Address- 3 High Street, Botley, Hampshire, SO30 2EA


Parking- There are currently several places in which you can park within Botley depending on the kind of appointment you have booked.

  • For express cuts only, you can park across the road from the salon owned by the council- Two hours free parking.

  • For Curl by Curl cuts, express highlights, single process colours(not highlights) you can park in lot located down church lane behind the salon which is owned and managed by the pub a few buildings down- They provide 3 hours free parking. This is only advised if you have booked ONE service, otherwise proceed below. If you have super curly/Afro curls, you may want to proceed below as if you have especially thick hair, it can take longer to complete your service.

  • For first time visiting Pintura highlights, two or more kinds of services, tightly curled/afro curls. the best place to park is in Mortimer Road, Botley. There is another mortimer road in Southampton, please do not confuse the two as they are a distance away.

Public Transport- There is a bus stop within 2 minutes of the salon in Botley with an hourly running bus. There is a train station(Botley station) located 15 minutes away from the salon.