Terms + Conditions


Please take the time to read the terms and conditions prior to booking your appointment. The terms and conditions may change prior to your visit at curl love so please ensure you read them again before your visit.

Service Prep

By far the most important part if the Curl Love experience is having your curls treated. If you arrive with a braid out/twist out/braids,/twists/buns/ponytails/Bantu knots or any other style other than a wash and go/unstretched hair, service could be refused. Unfortunately curl by curl doesn't work if there are no curls and if faliure to prepare alters the outcome to your hair, I cannot be held liable.


When booking a service on offer, any secondary offers(E.G. referral cards) will be voided on the transaction. Offers only pertain to the service mentioned and cannot be used on any products purchased, colour corrective services/ anyone under the age of 10.

The referral card offer is valid only for the client to whom it was given to, and one person for referral. The person being referred must bring the referral card and present it at checkout in salon for it to be valid. If the card is expired or you do not have the card on you, the offer will not be valid.

Curl love will not be held responsible for any false information given by the guest which alters or implicates the services in an unforeseen manner. 


I understand that photos of my hair will be taken at the time of the appointment and that they may be used on advertising and marketing for Curl Love and its affiliates and that I will receive no financial compensation for results of such. If I do not wish to have any personally identifiable photos taken of my hair I will make my expressively inform the staff of Curl Love, its representatives and affiliates.


In order to confirm your appointment, a deposit of variable amount will be charged at the time of booking which will be removed from the total on site. The deposit is non refundable however is transferable to future appointments providing 48 hours notice is given before an appointment is cancelled for any reason.

When you cancel you must provide the name you used to book with, your full email, address and/or number provided at the time of booking as well as the appointment time and date to confirm your identity.



Hair cutting services performed on minors under the age of 16 are conditional on behaviour. If your child behaves in a way which puts themselves or others in danger even after being told, service may be stopped and refused. Children which appear distressed will not be forced to have their haircut or washed and dried, this is meant to be a positive experience. 


Refunds for CurlyWorld and Innersense products can only be processed if the pouches are returned sealed(if they have a seal).

Shipping and costs associated with when returning products are the consumers responsibility. It is the buyers responsibility to ensure the products arrive, we will not be able to refund a product if it gets lost in shipping. It is the buyers responsibility to ensure the products arrive.

Refunds are not offered for any services we offer including, but not limited to curl by curl cuts and curl by curl colouring.

If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with the service received, or the outcome of your hair, let me know within 10 days of your appointment so you can be scheduled in to have your hair tweaked.

When refunds are processed, a valid receipt must be shown. No exceptions to this rule. Payments can only be refunded to the card payed with or cash picked up if this was the method used to pay. A card payment cannot be refunded by cash and vice versa.

Appointment Disclaimer

For appointments booked in advance, there is a possibility of the appointment having to be re-scheduled.

On occasion, an appointment may have to be rescheduled within a few days of the appointment, we will try our best to get you in as close to the date you booked as possible, please be patient with us, we cannot create more slots than there are.

If you are traveling from a distance and are staying overnight, please book a hotel with a cancellation option. Note that I cannot take any responsibility for financial loss due to policies of hotels and or travel.

Privacy Policy

We will never share your information with a 3rd party unless given your consent. All information regarding you is relevant to the services given and is the bare minimum required for what we do. Our data on you is stored for up to 2 years and will be deleted if we have not seen you for longer than this period or you may request to have your data removed from our system. All data we collect about you can be viewed by you at your appointment if needed or within 20 days if requested by email.

Information regarding purchases on the Curl Love one stop shop is never shared by any third parties, the information we collect is the minimum of what we need to complete the transaction as well as post the products to you.Personal information we collect for the online shop is not stored, any information we collect is anonymous.

Information collected for curl by curl classes will be shared with CurlyWorldLLC, Girl on Curl and their affiliates, by booking a class you are consenting to have your salon information presented on the Curly Girls U.K. stylist finder(for UK resident) and/or the CurlyWorldLLC international stylist finder unless otherwise expressed.