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I believe in only the best for you and your curls!

We do not wear our hair wet, we wear it dry, and so it only makes sense to colour and dry cut each curl individually meaning that you have no surprises when you get home! With my Curl by Curl method of cutting and colouring curls as well as my sulphate, silicone and paraben free products, you will be the envy of every curly girl (and guy!) alike.


Pricing & Services

* Prices are subject to change without notice*- The prices below are correct as of July 2019

There is a price increase at the 1st of July for new bookings made on or after the 8th of May 2019 and Pre booked appointments before May made in or past September will be at the new July rate regardless of the date originally booked.

Curly cut

£100 —time estimation: 2-3hrs.

Using the Curl by Curl method of trimming and shaping exclusive to people who have been trained and accredited by Lorraine Massey.

Your waves, curls and fractal zigzags will be shaped dry as they lay because "we don’t wear our hair wet, we wear our hair dry"- Lorraine Massey.

A Curl by Curl cut includes a consultation, the cut itself, cleansing, styling and then drying under Patrick (you’ll understand soon enough!).

For curly kids under the age 10,  we offer a special rate of £45 for a dry cut only. Should you require a full cut, (cleanse and dry) this will be charged at the standard adult rate. 

Curl by Curl Oxygenation Trim

FOR EXISTING CURLY CLIENTS ONLY - not suitable for re-styles

£60 - time estimation: 1 hr.

If you have mastered your hair routine and only need a minor trim, this is for you!

This is a curl by curl trim for those looking to remove split ends without changing the shape of their hair(Not adding further layering or removing length). In order to qualify for an express curl by curl cut, your previous haircut cannot have been more than 4 months prior for wavy heads and 6 months for curly and fractal curl types

Includes only the dry cutting with a refresh - No cleansing or styling.

Teach me how to Curl Love my hair!

£45 - time estimation: 1-2hrs.

If you struggle to manage your curls, a curl coaching session may be in order! 

This is a hands on, 1-2-1 class for you during which you will learn how to properly cleanse, hydrate and apply your product as well as be shown how to properly dry your curls.

Express Wash, Dry and go!

FOR EXISTING CURLY CLIENTS ONLY - Your appointment will automatically be cancelled in the event that I have not previously cut your hair. 

£35 - time estimation:1hr.

If you just need the professional touch for an event so your curls look perfect and you get your wash day win, then you need a wash dry and go!

Note that this service does not include a lesson on how to self mane-tane the look at home.

Colouring curly hair whilst retaining its core integrity is challenging, especially when you have a hairstory of colour on your curls. If you're dye-ing for a change, lets talk about it at your next cut or curly set appointment. Please keep an open mind and be prepared for the uncensored truth. No doesn't mean no forever, it means not right now.

Pricing for colours will vary. A patch test is MANDATORY prior to any colour service regardless of the situation.-

Single Processes(Root cover-up, whole head one colour) start from £40 and can go up to £60

-Highlights start from £80 for a retouch up to £200 at most*.

All colour services include Olaplex at no extra cost and drying via hood drier is complimentary to all services. I do not currently offer colour corrective services.

It is essential that you follow the preparation instructions ->found here <-as failure to do so will impact your experience and end result. Please understand that if failure to prep does alter the end result, I cannot be held liable. In extreme cases, service could be refused and the appointment rescheduled. I only want the best for your curls!

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CURL LOVE OPENINGS AND CONTACT - Curl Truth is open on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday‬. The booking page below shows our full availability> If the slot isn’t open on the booking page, the slot is taken. To contact me “click here”. Please do NOT contact Azzini Hair Design, although we currently work at the same premises, Curl Truth and Azzini are two separate businesses.

Appointments can only be booked online via the booking system below or on location with me. I am unable to take appointments over the phone. 

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