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Hi! Welcome to Curl Truth!

My name is Fabian, Director of Curl Truth™️(formerly Curl Love). Working in the hair industry and being curly myself I’m familiar with the struggle we face with our curls on a daily basis. I understand the worry of visiting the hairdressers and the anguish while sat in the chair, all in the hope of that ‘perfect’ cut.

"Frizz is a curl waiting to happen"

— Lorraine Massey

Keen to avoid this stress and offer my clients the very best possible service, I took part in a prestigious class run buy an academy in NYC. Disappointed with what I learnt, I carried out extensive research resulting in a reach out to Lorraine Massey. The creator of the Curl by Curl cutting method and the curly girl method. From this contact I organised, hosted and participated in one of the most advanced curly hair training and certification classes available at Lorraine’s first ever European Curl by Curl cutting class.

With continual training with Lorraine Massey I also now organise Curl by Curl classes with my partner in curls Vikki Mackinder where we share Lorraine Massey’s technique with stylists in England!